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The latest articles or new posts are listed near the bottom of the Home page, under Latest Posts. It usually shows a couple of most recently added posts to Croatia Properties. On this page though you will find listing of articles and posts added more recently.

  Most recently added posts and articles
Property Abroad

Investing in Property Abroad

It's a tempting possibility to buy a property abroad and start earning extra income. But, if you know anything about property, you know nothing comes easy. You have to do a lot of work before you even spend a dollar.

Italy Real Estate Market

Real Estate Market in Italy

As one of the best known countries in the world, there's no denying the appeal of Italian property market. This stunning Mediterranean location provides it all: scenic lakes, glorious mountains, ancient architecture, mild climate, and much more.

Real Estate Investing Mistakes

Real Estate Investing Mistakes

Starting any business, especially real estate, can be a costly exercise. Done right, it can make you financially independent, or ruin you if done wrongly. So, before you start investing, take a look at mistakes to avoid.

Homes on Star Island

Homes on Star Island Miami

When you look for an ideal place to live and own a home, you try to find the best. Naturally, it all comes down to how much money you have. For the rich and famous, Star Island, at Miami, has been sought-after location.

Investing in Rental Property

Investing in Rental Property

For new investors, investing in properties seems to be pretty straightforward. Find a good property, become a landlord, sit back and watch money come in. But there's a lot more to it, as it gets serious and complex.

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