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Croatia Property Investment

Buying Real Estate Property in Croatia

Owning a real estate property in Croatia, be it a house, holiday villa or an apartment, has become a desirable option for outside buyers wanting to invest in Croatia or in overseas real estate. There has been a growing demand for Croatian properties, in particular in coastal areas, such the cities of Dubrovnik and Split, Croatian islands, and Dalmatia and Istria regions. Whether you want to buy a house or property in Croatia, the door is now open for property investment in this country, which in 2013 became the 28th member of the European Union. (And now, the 27th after Brexit on the 31. January 2020.)

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Woman taking a photo of a seaside town in Croatia

Moving With Your Family to Croatia - Many have moved to Croatia to make it their second home, be it for retirement, business, or some other reason. The current COVID-19 crisis doesn't make it a perfect time for a move. But we still give you various tips for moving to this beautiful country.

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What You Have to Know Before Buying a House in Croatia

What You Have to Know Before Buying a House in Croatia

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Properties in Croatia

From old stone houses to villas and apartments, investing in property in Croatia is an attractive option. Such properties can be used as personal holiday residences, rented as holiday properties, or used for village tourism, which is growing in Croatia. Many foreign citizens, in particular from European countries, have made Croatia their second home, living and working here.

According to the latest stats in 2018, the average price of real estate properties in Croatia's capital Zagreb in 2015 was €1,350 per square metre, in 2016 was €1,450, while in 2017 went up to €1,590 per square metre. The city of Zagreb is one of Croatia's top tourist destinations.

Croatian islands for sale

For those truly serious in investing in Croatia, there are also Croatian islands for sale. Being part of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic Coast is popular with private yachting and sailing, including international cruise ships, which dock in Dubrovnik and Split. The coastline is dotted with over 1200 islands, from small unpopulated ones to the large ones, such as Krk, Brač, Hvar and Pelješac (near Dubrovnik). Naturally, it's only small islands that are available for sale via licensed real estate agencies.

  Real Estate in Croatia

A port view of the sea town of Vrsar, in Croatia

CROATIA - One of Europe's real estate hotspots and a popular holiday and travel destination in the Mediterranean, Croatia offers an excellent opportunity if you desire buying property overseas, as an investment or a holiday home.

Buying House in Croatia

Large rural house with property

Listed by Forbes as one of the world's top retirement havens, Croatia is an excellent place to have a holiday or investment property. There are several good reasons why buying a house in this popular tourism destination could be an appealing option.

Buying Property in Croatia

Town of Malinska, Krk island, Croatia

Now that Croatia is part of the EU, European citizens can buy property in Croatia with the same rights as Croatian citizens. Non-EU citizens may need an approval, but this rarely poses a problem. However, approval can take up to 6 months to conclude.

Property Investing in Croatia

Beautiful beach in Croatia

Buying properties for investment in other countries can be a solid long-term investing strategy. As one of the top holiday and travel destinations in the world, Croatia is an attractive place for real estate and property investment in the European Union.

Dubrovnik Properties

City of Dubrovnik in Croatia

If the idea of international living has an appeal to you, then Dubrovnik city in Croatia could be one to consider. The city has developed reputation as a holiday destination, with many well known celebrities visiting it. It makes it a great location to buy a property.

Investing in Property Internationally

Investing in real estate and properties overseas can be an attractive option, if you known what you're doing. Each overseas market is different, although there are some fundamental rules that potential investor should adhere to. The following articles will help you broaden your knowledge on the subject.

  Real Estate Investing Overseas

Old-style city dwellings in the UK

ARTICLES - Investing into real estate properties can be a profitable business if done correctly. Such investment can provide cash flow returns and capital appreciation. However, there are many potential pitfalls to be avoided.

Sell Your Home in the UK

Floral garden with a path to garden house

A wide variety of online tools today make it easier and more appealing for people to sell their homes on their own. The internet and social media sites provide many useful resources for improving your home value and promoting it to the potential buyers.

Buying Property in the UK

A town property in the UK

Investing in properties and real estate can be profitable if done correctly. Good property investment will provide good cash returns and capital appreciation. This bullet point guide provides some basic pointers to investing in London property market.

Buyers Home Inspection

Inside a vacant home's kitchen, with a ceiling fan

Buying a property has to be handled with care. Not only that you're buying a home, but also and investment that could bring you an advantage in the future. You have to carefully analyze the property you want to buy, by arranging a home inspection.

Negotiating Property Price

German-style houses in Europe

Buying a property overseas can be a tricky business sometime. If you are too eager, the property price will go up; unwittingly insult the vendor, and the whole deal is off. Above all, you are expected to negotiate - this will make both you and the vendor happy.

Croatia Properties Videos

To illustrate some of the properties available in Croatia, you can find a number of videos on this site. They have been all listed on the Videos page.

Moving With Your Family to Croatia

Moving With Your Family to Croatia

It's 2020 and the COVID-19 has to be taken into account when traveling to any place, including moving to Croatia. Stay safe and heed the travel warnings. Get some tips for family accommodation in Croatia.

Virtual Staging vs Traditional Staging

Virtual Staging vs Traditional Staging

One of the most important things you have to do when selling a house is to showcase it to potential buyers. Instead of a costly traditional staging, try virtual staging, which offers many advantages, including low cost.

What You Have to Know Before Buying a House in Croatia

What You Have to Know in Croatia

Settling down can be a big move for a family. To buy a house is a permanent investment since it will serve the family for a couple of generations. So, what should you consider before buying one in Croatia?


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