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Croatia Real Estate

Local property market offers value to potential investors

Regular visitors to Croatia have fallen in love with the beautiful Croatian coastline and its islands, some deciding to call it a second home. The demand for Croatian properties and real estate has been on the increase especially since Croatia was officially invited to join the European Union in 2008.

Croatia was officially accepted and became the 28th member of the European Union on the 1. July 2013. Being one of the hottest holiday destinations and the EU member country, Croatia is an attractive real estate investment location.

City of Split - the centre of Dalmatia region
City of Split on Croatia's Dalmatian coast offers plenty of good coastal properties for sale, including holiday houses, villas and apartments

Buying Property in Croatia as Foreigner

As with any property market, foreign buyers may find it sometime difficult to navigate the local laws and guidelines when purchasing a Croatia property. Good knowledge of the local property market is important, as is timely and professional help associated with the necessary paperwork.

Of particular importance is getting the right help with property title clearances, to ensure that the seller you're dealing with is also the bona fide owner of the property. Owing to the rather tumultuous period that Croatia went through 20-25 years ago, this service is invaluable in ascertaining the property ownership.

It's therefore important that you find a legal service or a property lawyer that specializes in clearing property titles in Croatia. This should be done before you decide upon purchasing Croatian real estate, to ensure that you're dealing with a clear-title property, without any unresolved property disputes.

As in other developing countries, buying real estate in Croatia can be an involving process if you're not well informed. Getting the right information before hand will save you a lot of wandering and lost time. With Croatia nearing close to becoming a member of the European Union, this process of buying property in Croatia will get easier and quicker.

If you are interested in Croatia's real estate, discover top spots for selling and buying property in Croatia. They provide in-depth Croatia real estate listings.


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