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Property Investing in Croatia

Value of investing in properties in other countries

Croatia is a great place to look into investing in property. This democratic country is located where Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Southern Europe meet, making the customs and laws familiar to most US and European citizens.

To its citizens, the country is known as the Republic of Croatia. This modern country boasts cities such as the capital, Zagreb. Along the coast, the country is full of islands. Croatia is known to be in the top 20 traveled places in the world. Many see it as a luxury retreat. It is the perfect place to invest in property.

Summer atmosphere on Podgora beach in Croatia
As one of the world's top holiday and travel destinations,
Croatia offers great property investment possibilities
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Property is a solid investment

There are many reasons why someone would invest in property. For one, property is a solid investment. It is also easy to get a loan to cover expenses, whereas no bank will give you a loan to invest in bonds. Properties tend to gain in price over time. It is not uncommon for a house to double in price over 10 or 20 years. Many invest for a second house, to make a second income as a vacation rental or even to build a building that will later be sold. Investing in property can cover everything from buying a house to buying infill lands within a city. Many find that Croatia is a great place to invest money.

Buying a timeshare

Croatia is full of modern amenities, from railways to sea ports to health spas. The economy is mostly run by the industrial sector, but agriculture still plays a heavy role. Another method by which individuals choose to invest in property is by buying a timeshare. Timeshares are essentially hotels that are privately owned. The amount of money you have invested dictates the amount of time you can stay at the hotel.

Timeshare rooms are often like private condos, with kitchens and microwaves. Some timeshare companies state that you can only visit the accommodation during certain times of the year, while other companies allow you to use other locations. A timeshare in Croatia is a great investment. Each year, tourism continues to grow in this region.

Rab town on Rab island in Croatia
Beautiful Croatian coastline and its numerous islands offer many attractive locations for investing in properties (Image by

Properties in other countries

Many see property as the way to invest. It is a convenient way to increase your money over time while having a place to stay at. Properties in other countries allow for great opportunities to travel within the country. Many see property investment, not just as a luxury vacation, but a business investment. Buying a piece of empty land within the city can easily later be sold to a developer to make a parking lot or high rise building. Land is a very good investment. Some invest in property to start a business.

A vacation rental home can bring in money while allowing for a retreat to get away to. Others follow the same line of thought and invest in a timeshare. As with any property, there are always options to start selling a timeshare. Croatia is seen as a terrific place to invest in because it is continuing to grow and attract new tourists. A sound investment in Croatian property can mean a lot more money down the road.

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