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Moving With Your Family to Croatia -
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Includes tips for choosing best accommodation
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Have you been looking for where to stay in Croatia, while you settle in after your move? In this article, we’re going to give you some handy tips on how to move to Croatia with your family and a baby in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to find the best accommodation when you get there.

Woman taking a photo of a seaside town in Croatia
As one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, this popular Mediterranean
destination is also home to many expatriate families, as their second home.
(Photo by Antonio Batinić via Pexels)


This small country has been an attractive holiday and travel destination for many decades by European travellers and the elite. Ove the years some have decided to make Croatia their second home, by moving here in their retirement years or even to set up a business. Over the years tens of thousands of expats from Europe have settled here.

If you’re not just planning on going through the “visiting Croatia coronavirus” experience of traveling there in the midst of the pandemic, but actually relocating there? If so, there are many things to consider before moving to the beautiful country of Croatia during COVID-19. After familiarizing yourself with Croatia travel warnings, you’ve got a bit of preparation to do before you hit the road.

In this article, we’re going to give you a handy Croatia travel guide which will mostly address how to get there with your family in tow during these trying times, and how to choose the best accommodation that will cater to your specific needs. Curious? Read on to find out what we have to share!

Moving To Croatia: COVID-19 Travel Warnings

Mother with a baby, both wearning face masks
When traveling with your family, and especially with a baby, play it safe
in these pandemic times. More so when you travel to another country.

As you may know, each country has its own guidelines set in place with regards to tourism and immigration, and Croatia is, of course, no exception. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, said measures may have been slightly altered to reflect the gravity of the situation – both on the side of Croatia, and that of other countries advising their residents with what to do while considering traveling to the country. Also, when you are traveling within the country in car, make sure you find the best seat protectors for car seats to enjoy your journey.

European old timer small red car with travel bags on top
Unless you enjoy small old timers, look for more comfortable cars when traveling in Croatia.
(Photo: Virginia P. Camacho)
So, before going into where to stay in Croatia, we ought to mention the COVID-19 warnings in place for entering the country, first.

According to the CDC, Croatia is placed in the “Level 3 – High Warning” alert category, meaning that the agency advises that travelers “avoid all nonessential international travel to Croatia”. However, you should check with your local governmental authorities in order to see what’s been said by experts in your country, too, before proceeding with making any sort of decision with regards to your move.

After all, comparing and contrasting what’s being said on both sides can help you gain a better picture of the situation at hand, and take any and all necessary precautions before you choose where to stay in Croatia.

Now, on the side of the Croatian government, the latest directive (3-page PDF in English) published by Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) on July 20th, 2020, delineates the provenance of travelers who can entry the country, and the conditions under which they can do so. Make sure to read the information carefully and see what guidelines the Croatian government has put out for travelers from your country. Also be sure to check whether there’s a new directive published by the time you have to move, because things change fast, and information may have been updated without you knowing!

Where to stay in Croatia

Krapanj island near Šibenik city in Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea
One of the reasons people move to Croatia is its beautiful coastline,
with its many islands, such as this Krapanj island, one of the smallest
but most populated islands in the Adriatic.
(Photo: Hrvoje Photography)

Congratulations! After you’ve made it to Croatia, a whole new adventure awaits you in the beautiful land of Hrvatska, nestled in the midst of Central and Southeast Europe, and sitting right atop the beautiful Adriatic Sea. The first step you need to take (unless you're stying in the property you bought here), hopefully before getting there, is to book your accomodation. This will be your residence until you move to your new home in Croatia.

Presumably you have done your research and decided upon your property in Croatia that will become your new home. If so, your accommodation is taken care of and you can focus your attention to settling in and making your new place in Croatia your new home. This would be a prudent approach.

However, often your new home isn't quite ready to be used for accommodation and you have to look for alternative place to stay, until your new property is brought up to the code and living standards. In that case, you have to find a temporary accommodation for your family with children.

Downtown in Zagreb city, Croatia's capital
Although Croatia's capital Zagreb is a popular stopover and tourist
destination, it can be somewhat costly to stay here for a longer period.

Now, depending on the area of the country you’ve moved to, there are several accommodation options, which correspond to various budgets. Zagreb, the country’s capital, is the 4th most expensive city in Eastern Europe. However, monthly rent for an 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area is around 4,500 kuna, which is roughly $700 or 600€. Most would characterize this price point as affordable, but, of course, this largely depends on your salary and budget.

Other areas of the country can be significantly cheaper in accommodations and housing, so you should do your research of the specific area you’re relocating in beforehand. Generally, staying close to the coastline will cost you more, even if visiting here out of the main summer season. So, your better option would be staying in towns located inland. But of course, this will be determined by where you have chosen to move to with your family.

As a temporary solution, you can always find short-term lodging via platforms like Airbnb, Booking or local websites like Crozilla. You can then find a local expat group online that could recommend a reputable realtor that will help you secure long-term housing tailored to your specific requirements, including, of course, those of your family.

A family of 3 enjoying sunshine on a beach
Some families choose to move to Croatia along its beautiful coastline, to
enjoy the seaside and partake in tourism industry, which can be costly.
Others tend to move inland in the continental part of Croatia, where they
enjoy more serene surrounds, although they can also partake in village
tourism or similar. This is a more economical option, especially with family.


We hope that our article has helped answer some of your questions with regards to how to move, and where to stay in Croatia. Regardless of your budget, the country has a lot to offer in terms of culture, entertainment, and everyday life, and you’re sure to cherish your stay there, for however long it lasts, and for the rest of your life!

Let us know in the comments: what are your tips on choosing where to stay in Croatia?

Photos by Pexels and Pixabay

A guest post by Elizabeth, a lifestyle blogger.

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