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Dubrovnik Properties

What type of properties are available in Dubrovnik?

Does the idea of international living appeal to you? If so, one of your choices could be to buy a property in Dubrovnik, be it a house or an apartment. This Croatian city has developed a great reputation as a holiday destination. It has become one of Croatia's tourist brands, where many of Hollywood celebrities have paid a visit. The walled city of Dubrovnik has also been used for filming Game of Thrones, the popular American HBO television series.

Dubrovnik home styles

Dubrovnik offers beautiful seafront living along historic Croatian islands. You will enjoy the diversity and variety in the home styles available. You will find on offer old stone homes, quaint villas, semi-detached homes, apartment homes, and newly built buildings.

Private houses on a hillside at Dubrovnik
As one of the top holiday destinations in Croatia, Dubrovnik offers
a lot of real estate potential, especially for those wanting to
buy a property for holiday letting.
(Image by

Currently, there are over 200 houses for sale in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Many of these homes will give you beautiful views of the Adriatic sea. If you are looking for a holiday home to purchase and generate additional income by holiday rental or letting, then you should look for houses with multiple floors. These usually include ground floor, first floor and an attic in most cases. You could also utilize the entire property for your family living or holiday in Croatia, that will give you spacious living.

Dubrovnik houses

Many properties in Dubrovnik will have a large yard for gardening and terrace area. Newly built homes are constructed using the highest quality materials for the interior and exterior of the home. This includes quality local wood, as well as imported materials, such as Italian tiles and kitchens.

You will also enjoy the room options in Dubrovnik houses. Many homes can accommodate large families. They have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living and dining rooms, along with a nice size kitchen. This offers fairly comfortable features for living. Storage is also not an issue as houses are adorned with garage access for your vehicles or to be used as additional storage. The choice is yours.

Dubrovnik properties location

Locations of properties in Dubrovnik, Croatia are all relatively near the center of the city. This allows easy acces to the city centre's sights and shopping, as well as commuting around the place.

A view of the city of Dubrovnik from a hill above
Dubrovnik has become one of Croatia's top brands and holiday destinations,
making it more attractive for those seeking to buy a property in Croatia.
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You will also have an easy acces to the Port of Gruz, where you can hire a boat to sail to nearby islands, or along the coastline. Or perhaps you can buy or bring your own boat or a yacht. You will find many homes near locations that will accommodate your favorite sea toys!

As with any international real estate, there are risk and rewards included. Buying property in Croatia is no easy task. But if you heart is set on it and you can see your own benefits from it, then you will find the right people to help you choosing your own property in Dubrovnik amongst the hundreds that are currently available for sale.

The location is beautiful, the views are breathtaking, and the peace and quiet is priceless.

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