Buying properties in Croatia


Buying Property in Croatia

Information about the local property market,
house and apartment prices in Croatia

EU citizens can buy property in Croatia with the same rights and Croatian citizens. Non EU citizens may need approval from the Croatian ministry of justice in order to purchase, depending on the country of residence - this rarely poses any problems, but can take up to 6 months to fully conclude.

Although it is not a large country, it has more than 1000 miles of mainland coastline on the Adriatic, plus four times as much again on the islands. Croatia has an absolutely amazing and beautiful coastline, which is the main attraction for international property buyers. A country dotted with more than a thousand beautiful little islands, secluded coves, picturesque fishing villages, tranquil beaches and historic sites, Croatia is a holiday-maker's paradise.

The old town of Trogir in Croatia, near Split city
Located near city of Split, town of Trogir is one of the many towns along Croatian coastline that features medieval walls that attract numerous visitors
(Image by

As well as the outstanding natural beauty, Croatia has tight control on planning regulations, which constricts the supply of new property, particularly in coastal areas. This means that demand oustrips supply in many areas and helps protect the country against over-development. As well as foreign buyers, interest in holiday homes now comes from the domestic market, where incomes have been rising steadily over the last decade. The warm coastal climate and Mediterranean way of life are likely to ensure this trend continues for the foreseeable future.

Top Property Hotspots

Here are some of the top areas and locations in Croatia, where you will find top property deals.






Zadar Region
Dugi Otok

Split Dalmatia
Okrug Gornji

Pozega East Slavonia
Gorski Kotar

Sea harbour in Malinska town on Krk island, Croatia
A small, picturesque town of Malinska, located on Krk island's west side,
is one of Croatia's top property hotspots. This is the town's centre,
with marina in foreground and the local church seen in the background.

Types & Prices

This is a snapshop of properties listed for sale for the international market from a variety of advertisers on in Croatia as of January 2014 (property prices are in British pounds - GBP):

1 bed apartments:
24 listed from GBP 47,000 to GBP 344,000
Average price: GBP 99,000

2 bed apartments:
37 listed from GBP 54,000 to GBP 354,000
Average price: GBP 152,000

3 bed apartments:
17 listed from GBP 189,000 to GBP 520,000
Average price: GBP 218,000

2 bed houses:
22 listed from GBP 39,000 to GBP 736,000
Average price: GBP 176,000

3 bed houses:
49 listed from GBP 65,000 to GBP 1,361,000
Average price: GBP 289,000

4 bed houses:
34 listed from GBP 100,000 to GBP 2,167,000
Average price: GBP 354,000

Sell a Property in Croatia

If you own a property in Croatia and for some reason would like to sell it, you can try advertising it for sale on Sell My Property - a low-cost fixed fee service that lists property for sale on a large network of specialist international property websites.

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Buying House in Croatia
Buying Property in Croatia
 Buying Property in Croatia
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