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Buying House in Croatia

Why you should buy a house in Croatia

Whether you want to buy an investment or a holiday property overseas, it's a wise investment decision when done rightly. Do your due dilligence and you will find that this diversification of your assets will pay handsomely in due course.

It's no different when buying a house or an apartment in Croatia, where you can ideally combine both purposes - have a holiday and an investment property in a country that's widely known as a great tourism and travel destination.

This is because Croatia is not only one of the most beautiful and a scenic countries in Europe, but it is also very safe and a perfect place to call home. During the first decade of this century many foreigners, from England, Germany, France, Austria and other places have decided to call Croatia home. Some of them have even set up their own business here, not the least converted their home property into village tourism private holiday house.

Old houses in Dubrovnik city
Croatia has many old and stone houses that are popular choice with buyers, such as these houses in Dubrovnik. (Image by

Here are some reasons why you should buy a house in Croatia and why it was placed in the world's top 12 retirement havens by Forbes two years ago.

Habitability and low crime rates

When one sets about buying a house overseas which they will call home, there are many factors that have to be put into consideration. One of the first factors is habitability of the location. In that regard, buying a house in Croatia is a wise decision. The country is not only one of the most beautiful and scenic countries in Europe, but it's also very safe and a perfect place to call home.

Controlled real estate development

Although during the independence war of the 90s there was little government control over Croatia's real estate development, the country is now asserting control over its property development and getting it highly controlled. During the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013 the government has undertaken the process of legalizing homes, houses and apartments built without permit, to get its property books in order, for the anticipated EU membership in the second half of 2013.

Enviromentally friendly development

This increasingly controlled development is a beautiful aspect of Croatia's real estate, as it assures enough personal space, minimal pollution and convenient proximity to services. Being a sparsely populated country, rarely will you find property in a crowded area and so one is assured of peace and quiet in their home. This is unlike many countries where even in the suburban areas, one cannot avoid the ever increasing encroachment of shanties and trailer parks. This ruins the aesthetic of the place and also breeds high crime rates. Croatian cities are among the safest places one can live in the world and the thrill of owning a house in Croatia is just irresistible.

A rural property with a large house in Croatia
A large house in Croatian countryside - ideal for those who enjoy scenic, country living. (Image by

A safe haven country

Croatia earned the top 12 spot title in the best retirement haven for 2011 from the Forbes magazine, describing it: "Sitting across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Croatia offers great beauty, a mild Mediterranean climate, ancient culture, tax breaks for retirees and low cost of living."

For safety and security, The Institute for Economics & Peace ranked Croatia even higher than the U.S. This is why more and more people are coming here to spend their last days in solitude and peace in this holiday paradise.

Not only is the buying rate of luxury property in Croatia increasing, most people are willing to relocate permanently in their chase for a safe haven for their families. It has also continuously emerged among the top tourist destinations in Europe because of the beauty and the serenity that comes with it. You simply cannot go wrong, buy a house in Croatia and it will be your best investment for the future.

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Buying House in Croatia
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